Figure 1:Image of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed vacationing on a yacht days before their accident. Diana and Dodi were in love and vacationing together days before Dodi was planning to propose to Diana. Their relationship was tragically cut short due to their fatal “accident”.Image source can be found

Princess Diana was one of the most beloved women in modern royal times because of her beauty, style, and grace. Among other things, she became a rising celebrity because of her marriage to Prince Charles who is the British heir to the throne. Diana created a beloved connection between the people of England, and all around the world. Charles and Diana had two sons William and Harry. After a few years Charles and Diana’s marriage began to crumble and she set out to live a life of her own. Upon her divorce, Diana remained active in society focusing on her humanitarian work. She later met a man named Dodi Fayed whom she became romantically involved with. Dodi Fayed was the son of an Egyptian billionaire who was allegedly “going to propose to Diana”[1]. On August 31,1997 Diana and her significant other Dodi were killed in a fatal car accident in Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in France. Diana’s death left the whole world in disbelief. According to the New York Times, it is said “ Diana, the Princess of Wales, was killed shortly after midnight today in an automobile accident in a tunnel by the Seine, the driver was drunk at the time of the crash”[2]. With the death of one of the most iconic figures in the twentieth century, conspiracy theories arose.

After her death theories began to be circulating, and it was no longer believed that Diana’s fatal car accident was actually an accident. The theory that seems to circulate every year around the time of her death according to CNN is that the “ British and French intelligence services and members of British royalty orchestrated Diana’s death”[3].  Some logical fallacies involving her death include “ambiguity,bandwagon, and the Texas sharpshooter”[4]. These fallacies relate to her death because there is so much left unsolved, around the time of her death people jump on the band wagon and buy into the theories, and they try to find a pattern to figure out what they are looking for.

Enter a captionFigure 2: Infographic breaking down the conspiracy of the murder of Diana and Dodi Fayed on the night of August 31, 1997. This graphic breaks down and time frames the route of the vehicle, breaks down the chase which ultimately leads to the accident, and insinuates that the accident was a mission led by intelligence agents who successfully executed the mission.Image source can be found at–mad-think-says-SUE-REID.html

Some other theorists include Alan Power, an author of the book called The Princess Diana Conspiracy, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and Dodi Fayed’s father Mohammed Fayed who all claim that Diana was murdered by British intelligence. According to Power in his book, he claims that “Diana was pregnant with Fayed’s child and as a result, the MI6 staged her death”.[5] Putin also believes that Diana was murdered and a phone call with Elton John confirmed his theory. Putin speaks of Queen Elizabeth as “That person sitting in Buckingham palace isn’t some innocent wrinkly old monkey. She’s evil incarnate. The whole rotten family needs to abolished”[6] Finally, Mohammed Fayed,  the father of Diana’s lover Dodi has been the most vocal about the death of the Princess and his son. According to Alex Jones of Infowars, he obtained a film called Unlawful Killing. This film is significant because it was produced by a film company owned by Mohammed Fayed, and the film uncovered what Fayed believed to be the truth about the death of his son. Mohammad goes on record in the film claiming “ that it was a slaughter by the ‘bloody racist’ royal family. He thinks the royal family got his son killed because they were too racist to accept a foreign, Muslim step-father or a Muslim half-brother or half-sister for the future king”[7]. Each of these figures have different biases, and hold different roles in society. all from different perspectives. There is one from a educational point of view, one from a political point of view, and one from a personal relation and grief point of view. Putting together all of these points of view, some shades of truth can possibly arise.

On the night of August 31 the public story is that Diana and Dodi were at the Ritz hotel which is owned by Dodi’s father, they set up a decoy Mercedes in the front of the hotel and snuck out the back to escape the paparazzi. As they entered the tunnel they are being followed by a motor bike which moves to get about fifteen feet in front of the black Mercedes, then a white Fiat Uno pulls up on the side of the Mercedes clipping the side of the vehicle to push it to one side. As that was occurring, the motor bike begins to flash a bright strobe light which resembles the flash of a camera into the driver’s eyes, which causes the driver

Figure 3: This photo features the horrible accident scene of the tragic accident carrying Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed. The image shows the severely wrecked car crashed into the  Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in France.Image source can be found at

to speed up, lose control of the vehicle, and crash into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel. The accident was blamed on nine paparazzi photographers which initially led to charges brought upon them for following them and for invasion of privacy for taking pictures at the scene of the crash. After two years those charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence. According to the New York Times the jury verdict in France ruled “ by a vote of 9 to 2, represented the toughest judgment available to the jury, the verdict said the crash was caused, or contributed to, by the speed and manner of the driver of the Mercedes and the speed and manner of the following vehicles.”[8] Journalist Brian Dunning pointed out that”the traffic cameras in the tunnel were privately owned and were not connected to a recording device,the Paris hospital where Diana died embalmed her body that same day, and there was no British Secret Service keeping the paparazzi away from her”[9]

While there are not groups that support the theory of Diana and Dodi’s death, there are prominent people that support the theory such as Putin and Mohammed Fayed. These theories arise every year around the anniversary of Diana’s death using multiple propaganda techniques, such as publishing articles, documentaries, photos, and social media posts. Since this is a relatively old theory,there are not many gains from it, aside from money and publicity. Arguably there are only negatives that arise such as guilt, grief, and selfishness. We may never know the real outcome for the death of Diana and Dodi’s death, but there are always new discoveries that constantly arise. If the British intelligence service did stage the accident, they will never reveal themselves obviously, and because there is no surveillance, the evidence of the conspiracies are essentially untraceable.

Additional information:

1.Princess Diana was murdered. Graphic Photos of the car, Diana,and Elton John Singing at her funeral can be found here .

  1. Full movie of Unlawful Killing, the documentary about the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed financed by Mohammed Fayed can be found at .


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