The conspiracy theory being analyzed in this module is the theory that the illuminati assassinated Robin Williams. According to the theory, the Illuminati is a group of elites who have a lot of power and influence. Additionally, the Illuminati is an occult satanic cult that sacrifZodiac.pngices people, mainly those who oppose them or try to expose them, to satisfy their religious duties.[1] The believers of the theory do not think Robin William’s was just killed, but was a scheduled and planned sacrifice as part of the Illuminati’s occult satanic sacrificial calendar. This module is not intended to focus on the Illuminati, but it is not possible to dissect the theory without discussing the Illuminati and their background, all in an effort to understand the theory and its purpose.

            Another facet to the theory is the television show, Family Guy, with their connection to the Illuminati.[2] The night that Robin Williams died, an episode of Family Guy aired at around the same time Robin Williams was believed to have died, and the episode was about Robin Williams. Throughout the episode there are numerous examples of things that, when analyzed, point to the Illuminati and show that they used the episode as a way to announce their sacrifice to the world. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and voice actor of multiple of the characters on the show, is believed to be a member of the Illuminati. The episode of Family Guy has been used quite heavily as evidence of the sacrifice of Robin Williams, as will be discussed in detail later.

            Supporters of this theory include several prominent YouTube users. They are not necessarily the big names on YouTube, but the ones I looked at had followings of 400,000 and 15,000, which is quite a large audience to spread ideas to. The channels are very religious, specifically Christian evangelicals. The first account has done several videos discussing the assassination of Robin Williams and also the Illuminati as a whole.[3] The account’s name is The Vigilant Christian led by French-Canadian Mario Emery-Paul Brisson, a self-proclaimed expert on: Illuminati in the entertainment industry, the New World Order, the Bible’s true teachings, and health tips.[4] Due to his extremely Christian background, he is using the association with Satan for the Illuminati as evidence for why his theory is correct and valid.

            The second YouTube user who provided a good amount of information regarding the theory is Conspiracy Theorista, led by Victoria.[5] Her video discusses the Family Guy aspect of the theory.[6] In the video, the episode of Family Guy with Robin Williams, Season 10 Episode 22: “Viewer List of Family Guy.pngMail #2,” it analyzed in great detail, showing how various actions of characters and certain aspects of the backgrounds and scenery throughout the episode show connections to Illuminati and, therefore, the planned sacrifice of Robin Williams. The episode aired at 11:25 p.m., whilst Robin Williams’ death was declared to be 11:50 p.m., so including the 21 minute length and a few commercials, the ending of the show and his death occurred at almost exactly the same time. [7]

            In the episode, the Griffin family, the main characters of thSpecific Robin Thing.pnge show, appeared on an episode of wheel of fortune. Upon further examination, the wheel present in the episode for that scene had the incorrect number of prongs everywhere except for the sections for “3” and for “6,” which backwards is “63,” or the age that Robin Williams’ died at. Victoria suggests that the Illuminati used subtle hints such as that to show that their plan was successful and indeed planned. [8]

            Throughout tlots-of-robinshe episode, Peter has the ability where everything he touches turns into another Robin Williams. Peter gets to where he can’t handle it, and tries to kill himself on 3 occasions. The issue is that what he touches turns into Robin Williams, so the car he jumps in front of turns into Robin Williams, the gun he holds becomes Robin Williams, and the ground that he would have landed on when he jumps off the cliff becomes Robin Williams.

            The most uncomforting connection between the episode and reality is how the episode ends. Robin Williams, in real life, was found dead with a strap around his neck in a seated position, because he had hung himself. Additionally, cuts were found on his wrists, indicating that he had attempted to slit his wrists.[9] In the episode, all of Peter’s family turns into Robin Williams, since hRobin WIlliams Pic.pnge touched all of them. He then makes 5 of them dress up as his family including one dressing up as Brian, the dog. The last scene is of Robin Williams, wearing a strap around his neck in a seated position, just like how he was found. Additionally, Peter cut off his hands at the wrist to make it so he couldn’t turn anything else into Robin Williams. [10] It shows the way he tried to end his life and then the way he did, not actually but a representation of it. This implies that Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, who is also believed to be a member of the Illuminati, used the episode as a declaration of the sacrifice that was about to take place.[11]

            Notable concerns regarding bias and being unqualified to be considered experts on the topic of the You tube sources include Mario Brisson, of the Vigilant Christian, and his religious beliefs. Since he bases multiple points of his, without strong evidence, on the fact that the Illuminati is a satanic cult, he judges with a harsher perspective than someone who is looking from an unbiased objective perspective.

            The shreds of truth in this conspiracy theory are definitely strong enough to make someone have to stop and think. Some theories are clearly over the top and while the theory may seem a little impractical, it is founded on certain facts. This is the part where it does start to get uncomfortably convincing. To preface this section, Family Guy is an animated comedy that makes fun of a lot of things, including sensitive, issues. Going off of that, they historically do not ridicule and mock very socially prominent actors on the day that they die.

            This is important because not just on the day that Robin Williams dies, but an episode, Season 10 Episode 22: “Viewer Mail #2,” which heavily features Robin Williams, played at the same time as Robin Williams’ was believed to have died.[12]

         HUMAN SACRIFICE.pngMario Brisson said the Illuminati are a satanic cult. He even refers to a sacrificial calendar that the Illuminati and other occult cults use.[13] According to The secret history of the world: as laid down by the secret societies, the Illuminati are actually not classified as a religious cult, let alone a satanic cult.[14] They are a more traditional secret society in the sense of being made up of elite who are planning to take over the world. This is a very serious contradiction in the argument and support of the conspiracy theory. The idea of Robin Williams’ assassination is that it was part of a sacrificial calendar. If the group does not even partake in sacrifice, then it would mean they killed him for other means. Victoria of Conspiracy Theorista, in her video, suggested that the Illuminati elite killed Robin Williams for money.[15] The idea she presents, which Mario does agree with to a degree, is that a lot of money is made when a high-profile star dies, and most of the money goes back into the film industry, where he already made money for the industry. Regarding inconsistencies, even if they both agree that this could be a part of the cause of Robin Williams’ death, since these two, who are both prominent voices in the movement of the conspiracy theory, disagree it devalues the claims they make. One thinks it is a satanic sacrifice and the other believes it is a corrupt elitist group trying to make money. These two ideas that are very different.

Image result for guy scratching headAn inconsistency in the conspiracy theory’s story and evidence is the calendar of sacrifice that is referred to. As was aforementioned, it already is not a very strong argument to say Robin Williams was killed for a satanic sacrifice, but it continues even further if the timing and reason for it is not significant. The date of Robin Williams’ death was August 11th. According to the sacrificial calendar, the closest holiday that requires a human sacrifice is their Lughnasa, Great Sabbat Festival on August 1st.[16] That is 10 days off. Even with the numbers that are associated with the Illuminati, like 13, which none of them are 10, it still does not line up. It is a very unusual inconsistency, because it doesn’t make sense why they would just overlook that. I am assuming that no one checks and just trusts their leaders.

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